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Tricks and Resources

The Eye In addition to reducing myopia, hyperopia, do not change too frequently and glasses to help reduce and prevent defects that screen, too. (Deficiency symptoms screens. Is it a light flickering eyes. Or see fireflies runs Or see a flash of light, the more frequent these symptoms if left. Screen can be disabled Or even invisible) to do every time. Day allows more blood to feed the screen. Deficiency symptoms are less Or may disappear Those with normal vision already. This administration is helping the eye muscles strong and bright eyes, his words.

1 position on the roll to the left. And look to the far right as you can do it 10 times.

Glance at the two eyes looking up at the ceiling. By putting a face turn and glance at the bottom looking up and down 10 times.

Glance up at three at the end of the left eyebrow. Drag and glanced down at the right cheek, do 10 times.

Position 4 glance up at the end of the eyebrow. Glassy eyes and dragged down the left cheek.

Position 5 roll the eyes rotate in a circle to the left - to the right side 10 times.

Position 6 is devoted to the eye muscles are tied together by six chairs. Measure the height from the top of their head. The bottom of the chair seat, as measured at 70 cm to 70 cm in length, measured from the eye to the wall in a sitting chair. Then the phone or symbol on the wall at eye level with the seat. Then gradually gaze point or symbols that do not blink. I felt a keen eye Tear out before you blink a few times to feel that the eyes look clearer.

Position 7 closed on both sides. Finger pointing on both sides placed above each eyebrow. Gently massage the eyebrows and around the eyes. To relax the muscles around the outside of the eye.