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school history
Northern School for the Blind
under the royal patronage Chiang Mai Province       
         It was established by the Board of Trustees and Education for the Blind in Northern Thailand. by Mr. Worasak Nimanan as the founder It opened for the first time on May 17, 1960, using the rented house of Dr. Manoon Manmontri as a temporary office on September 28, 1963. His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen had converted to the royal residence at Phuping Ratchaniwet Palace and was given an auspicious occasion for the board of directors, teachers and students of the school           
         Attending to the King, he gave a fund of 20,000 baht for the school to use according to its objectives. Later, Her Majesty the Queen He accepted as a patron of the school. and His Highness opened the first school building on May 14, 1964. In 1980, the Foundation for Help and Education for the Blind in the North had transferred the school's business to the Special Education Division. Department of Education Ministry of Education (Name at that time) offered at the primary level with an emphasis on vocational training and general subjects.
        N orthern School for the Blind under the Royal Patronage of Chiang Mai Province Provide education for visually impaired students (blind) from kindergarten to secondary school. 6 different styles in a sedentary manner (School boarding) There are service areas in 17 provinces in the North to provide educational opportunities for students with
        Visual impairment (blindness) is to illuminate a new way of life for them to know. competence and quality of life and able to live happily in society Because even though these people live in a world of darkness, they still have two hands to think of doing good things that are beneficial to themselves. Society and community
        your opportunity and understanding Help to be kind, share kindness, donate money, materials, equipment and technology, as well as other factors for improving the quality of life and education of blind students as you please. You can also use the receipt to reduce income tax by 2 times the amount donated.