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Tricks and Resources

The eyes properly and appropriately ...

• Read a book in the well-lit. And the book is about one foot away from the eyes should not be read as consecutive time. Should you stay for about 30-45 minutes when you feel pain on the eyes.
• Watch TV in a well lit area. And sit away from the television screen, about five times the size of the TV.
• Do not stare at the sun for a long time.
• Always wear sunglasses every time you go out with the sun. Or driving a car
• Avoid looking or watching waves from electrical appliances such as microwaves, copiers, etc. eye.
• When dust gets in your eyes. Do not rub the eye final But you wash your eyes with clean water. Or eye drops solution
• Every time a dip in the pool. Wear swimming goggles at all times to prevent water or dust into the eyes.
• Be careful or play activities. To cause harm to the eyes.
• When you feel pain on the eyes. Do not massage eyes Or fill out the eyes should be closed, but about 20 -30 minutes.
• Do not use handkerchiefs, glasses, eye drops with others.
• You should lay off the lights To eyes And also saves power as well.
• In the event of a chemical into the eye. Rinse with water Went to see an ophthalmologist immediately.
• You should go to a regular eye exam. At least once a year